Recognise this?

My business partner is 13"inch, foldable and greyish.

My office hours depend on my mood, assignment and battery power.

The swell, sun, current and company alter the program, daily.

Doing good and having a great time: two parts of the same pie.

Simple things, nature, other people and sunsets inspire me.

What to do?

Do not go to the Doctor; It's perfectly normal to want to be free. Rent out your apartment. Big chance it brings in all you need. If there's a boss in between you and your freedom: convince him that you, he and the others will be more productive outside.

Next: Check who's in Basecamp at any given moment. Through our system you can keep track of all the pilgrims and their capacities. This way you create the best match for your stay. Finally: book your ticket. See you soon; here's your new temporary office: