Just like you, one day, we discovered that working inside an office was not the real deal. We wondered why we did this to ourselves. It took some time before it hit us, but when it did, it hit us hard, We examined our strengths and looked closely to what made us really happy: here's what we found out:


We like to be outside, even when it rains

We like to build and create

We like the simple life

We like to inspire with what inspired us

We like to share

We love freedom


The idea of End of Tar started with a picture shown by first generation digital nomad or "clochard moderne" Cees. It depicts the end of the road in Namibia: Where the tarmac ends, the road of discovery begins.

A 360 degree range of possibilities makes you stop and think of where to go instead of just moving along. We love to stop, think and find the Invisible road that's laid out only by ourselves. The end of tar is where the real road begins, your own road!